Euro Swissie, Difficult to trade but a strategic place

I can't say exactly as forecasted, because after the original idea (which TV hide it because violating house rules) I tried to take a sell for 3 times until the last one was successful. (as shown on the chart by yellow ⬇️) Now I'm watching it if can take a buy Happy Trading & stay [...]

Fibonacci Retracement

Definition Markets move in rhythms. An impulse wave that defines a major market trend will have a corrective wave before the next impulse wave reaches new territory. This occurs in either bull market or bear market conditions. The most common approach to working with corrections is to relate the size of a correction to a [...]

Choosing a Forex broker

Choosing a FOREX broker can be an overwhelming task, especially if you have not tried a few of them yet. After trying over 23 brokers and working with 4 of them for few months, ICMarkets is our preferred broker, especially for forex traders who value easy account opening and free deposit/withdrawal options with the tightest [...]

How to start Forex trading

Forex trading basics Currency pairs​ ​Trading leverage and ​Trading Margin Bid-Ask spread Trading session ​hours Market, stop and limit orders How ​brokers work How to avoid scam brokers Keeping a trading journal ​Basic technical analysis Support/Resistance Price ​trend​s Price ​momentum ​Price ​volatility Basic fundamental analysis Economic indicators Basic ​monetary ​policy Interest rates ​Risk management Position [...]