About Forexian

Founded in 2016 with the aim of helping, as many traders as possible to become successful.   In the past 5 years we have learned and tried almost all the most used methods of analysis and have developed our own strategy.   Our analysis and strategy is based on a combination of the four most important aspects on the market movements:
Price Action
Wave Analysis
Technical Structures
Market Psychology

Markets Allocation

Our analysis, forecasts & Trades on markets
Currencies (Forex) & Precious Metals
Commodities, Oil & Gas
Stocks & Indices
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Some of our Forecasts' "Before & After"

What makes Forexian stand out from the crowd?

Knowing the difference between real players and pretenders

We are traders. We really follow the ideas we publish, and take the trades as we suggest, and as we actually make money in the market, there is no need for marketing to sell "signals", or "courses" to earn a few Dollars here and there.


We are hosting a community of traders and sharing our analysis, ideas, and knowledge, to help other traders. In exchange, your point of view as a student, trader or an investor, would help us to learn more and improve more.


All the information such as the results, trades and trade ideas are getting collected and calculated by the third party websites and online services and are publicly accessible. Plus we don't filter critics' comments or previous losing trades.

Professional Team for you

Jessie McAvoy
IT / Analyst / Trader



CEO / Communication 
Behzad Farhanieh
Founder / Analyst / Trader
CFO/ Trader
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