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We Have Dedicated 2.5% of All Profits / Commissions to Child Labor Activists
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About Forexian Account Management

  • Forexian is providing a reliable trading account management which you will be feeling that you have hired a personal professional trader to handle your account and customize it with the best conditions that suit your personality.
  • Our Transparency and availability for communications is one of the key factors that our clients have found to be one of the easiest way to make their decision when choosing Forexian and freed Forexian of the need for advertise.
  • Consequently, we could dedicate a percentage of our all incomes to support activist who is fighting against Child Labor, especially in developing countries.
  • Please do your inspection and compare our service and conditions with others before registering and when you find out for yourself that we are the best in our field, the registration form is waiting for you right here at the bottom of the page.
  • We will take some time to check your broker (if you preferred to chose on your own) and your account details and condition and will contact you before start the trading for you so you will have online communication with your trader.
  • We will inform investors of our plans and analysis, if they are interested.

About Trading Account Management

  • Your MT4 account will be synchronized with our LIVE trading accounts on a dedicated server.
  • We will not have access to your client area. Our access is limited to MT4 trading account only for managing the trades (open, close and modify).
  • For some clients with special requests, we will do a hybrid management on their account, meaning that some trades will be taken manually or the take profit and stop loss levels will modify based on clients request.
  • You will have access to your account too to monitor the progress whenever you want.
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Your Trader

Financial Technical Analyst & full time trader. 5 years of experience in Forex, Commodities and Stocks

Master Certification in Financial Technician & Analysis (May 2019)
With more than 14,000 hours screen time (Nov 2019)

The strategy

We have developed our strategy based on a combination of 4 major aspects of market movements: Price Action, Wave Analysis, Technical Structures & Patterns and Market Psychology

plus considering financial calendar, news & fundamentals

The Risk

Initially risk is between 2-4 of the equity for each trade (20% of the deposit for draw-down)

After making some profit, we increase until 40% of the profits for draw-down Trade setup risk-reward ration should not be less than 1:2

Past results

We always ask investors to check our trading results and trade explorer on a 3rd party websites which is publicly accessible.

It is important that you check the trade history to find out if our trading style matches your personality and expectation.

Growth %
Drawdown %

Benefits of Managed Forex Trading Accounts

  • Flexible Profit-Making

  • Passive Investment

  • Diversification

  • Controllability

  • Immune To Manipulation

  • Highly Liquidity

  • Leverage

Who Should Hire an Account Manager?

  • Managed Forex accounts are ideal for those investors who have capital to invest but lack of time and/or skills to manage and monitor Forex accounts.
  • Best for those investors who want professionals to handle their capital.
  • Ideal for companies who wants to expand into Forex without active involvement.
  • Highly suitable for investors who want to benefit from experience and resources of professional funds manager.

Reviews on our Fiverr account

Reliable and hardworking. Paying attention to risk management.

Apr. 2020
Great service and a great way to grow your account while you carry on doing other things. Will continue to use this service
Nov. 2019
Great manager and very honest and will go above and beyond to meet your needs.
Sep. 2019
Incredible Guy. Very responsive and does what he says. Awesome Results.
Aug. 2019
A very good seller with his services as described.
Jun. 2019
Great and honest.

Jun 2019
Again very good experience. I was losing really badly with my other account but this guy was able to help to save my money and turn things around. I will definitely continue to work with him. Highly recommended!
Jul.. 2019
Wonderful manager. Not even a complete week, within less than 4 days already balance grown by more than 7%, very high win percentage. Can't wait to see what he can achieve in a month. Thank you!
Jun. 2019
It was excellent communication and service! High professional, very responsive and reliable. I strongly recommend to order. Best impressions. I will definetly be glad to place an order again next time.
Jan. 2019
He is very friendly and is doing good work 🙂 Keep it up dude

Nov.. 2018
Good quality service and Excellent communication

Jun. 2019
He's supportive and responsive, keeps to his words and takes excellent trades.
Jan. 2019

There is no guarantee in the market, If somebody is talking about guaranteed profits or any promises, they are probably a scammer.
I only can depend and share the average of my real experienced results which it's about 15-20% growth / Month

Yes, you can check my trade explorer on Forex factory under my ID aariapoor (it's public)
OR contact me to send you the link or screenshot.
OR I can sync your DEMO account with my Live for a week for FREE, for a test drive

Yes, you can log-in on your mt4 account with the investing password and see the Trades, Profit, Loss, Take Profit Levels & Stop Loss Levels at any time.

4% of the equity per trade and up to 20% of the initial deposit for draw-down.
After making some profits: up to 50% of the profits for draw-down.

I take trades anywhere with a good setup, currencies, metals, crude oil, and indices

The strategy is based on:
1- Price Action
2 - Harmonic Patterns & Structures
3- Wave Analysis
4- Market Psychology
Paying attention to the Fundamentals

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